Sunce participated in action of the project “Clean and arranged Marjan”

It was a beautiful and sunny day on Saturday, March 15, 2014, and Spinut “door” attracted over 1000 citizens of Split – members of associations, parties, societies and individuals – who responded to the action called “Clean and arranged Marjan”. Volunteers and employees of the Sunce Association were ready for action! At 9 o’clock each group went to the assigned parcel, and for the moment Marjan was surrounded by the sound of the work.

The Sunce has been awarded with one of the most difficult cleaning surfaces. There was a lot of different stuff, from metal dryers to parts, microwave ovens, salon tubes, syringes, and many plastic bags. But in the fresh air of Marjan, nothing was difficult, for both older and younger.

With the good will and enthusiasm, Sunce will continue to maintain its part and we are confident that it will be done by other project participants because only in that way – together, we can leave future generations a legacy of the highest value – pure and preserved nature and environment, and Marjan as one of the greatest values of our city!

You can see the photos on Sunce’s Facebook page.