Sunce held seminar on management planning in protected areas

As part of the project “Together for Nature Conservation – Natura 2000 in Croatia“, the Sunce organized a seminar on “Creating Nature Conservation Management Plans and Public Participation – CSO Experiences”.

The seminar was held on 29.11.2013. in Stobreč and topics covered included presenting Sunce’s experiences in drafting management plans for national, local and Natura 2000 protected areas, as well as clarifying the role of civil society organizations in biogeographic seminars preceding the EU’s Natura Network certification and describing the legal framework of Republic of Croatia for Public Participation in Nature and Environmental Protection.

The project “Together for Nature Conservation” has the fundamental objective of effective protection of nature in the Republic of Croatia by using the mechanisms of Croatian legislation, but also those mechanisms that will be available with Croatia’s accession to the European Union.

Participants in the project were (BIOM, Baobab, Divina Natura, Argonauta), interested civil society organizations (Green Action, Marine ecological society, HDZPP, Hyla, HBSD) and interested public institutions dealing with nature protection in Split and the county (The City of Split Administrative Department for Environmental Protection and the Public Institution for the Protection of Protected Areas in the STD).