Sunce has a new steering committee!

On Wednesday, October 04, in the Sunce Association, the Assembly was held. Out of 18 of the assembled members, 16 are active, and two are “new” and curious. The meeting was opened by the Executive Director of Sunce Association Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić, who welcomed the gathering and presented the agenda.


Election of new board members
Work Report for 2015

At the beginning, a member of the Board of Directors of the Sunce Association Andrijana Parić spoke briefly presenting the work of the previous Steering Board. She pointed out that the SC met on average three times a year and whenever in a particular situation. Specific issues were discussed during the work of the SC, such as solving the financial crisis in 2013, an administrative dispute with City of Split around the business space at the current address of the Association, monitoring the situation around the CEMEX case. Also, as the most important issues addressed by the SC, it emphasized the following: external evaluation of 2015, volunteers, membership, membership fees, fundraising projects, human resource management system and role in monitoring the work of the organization.

Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić then informed the attendees about the implementation of a public tender for the new composition of the SC and the conditions published in the tender. Having determined that the Assembly has a quorum for the decision on the new composition of the SC (16 out of 23 active members), the Executive Director invited all current active members to vote for the new composition of the SC. Voting was open and all proposals were unanimously accepted. For this purpose, external members of the SC were elected: Marko Pečarević, Andrijana Parić and Marina Marković, while Zrinka Jakl and Ivana Grubišić were elected as internal members of the Board of Directors.

Then the annual Work Report for 2015 was presented. After the presentation, a vote on the adoption of the report was unanimously adopted.

In the end, they talked about the work of the valuable volunteer hands of the Sunce and it was decided that all volunteers who are in the Sunce Association and do at least ten (10) working hours are exempt from membership fees. The amount of membership fee remains 70,00 kn for employees and 30,00 kn for unemployed, pensioners and students.