Sunce for Sunce – composting in a jar!


On a rainy day full of the southern sun, Sunce educators headed to kindergarten SunceŽedno, to hold a workshop for children.

The second workshop had the topic of Composting.

As the kindergarten has no green areas around the building, we made a compost bin in a glass jar with the children.

We took all the material with us: glass jars, twigs, dry leaves, soil and leftover biowaste. Stacking the small composters looked like this: we put twigs at the bottom to create an airy space to aerate the compost heap. After that, we put dry leaves, then a row of soil and biowaste. There was carrot and mandarin peel and some arugula leaf. We covered everything with a layer of soil, and since the soil was a little wet, we ended up with a layer of paper leaves.

We made the lid of paper and poked a few holes with pencils so the compost heap could breathe.

We marked the height of our compost pile with a permanent marker so that they could monitor the decomposition. The children’s task is to observe the volume of their compost pile once a week, sprinkle it with water if the pile is dry and shake the jar to aerate the compost pile.

As all the pieces of fruit and vegetables were finely chopped, we hope to see significant changes in a month!