Study visit to Nature Park Lonjsko polje

In order to exchange experiences of cooperative councils, within the project SEA – Med Croatia, Sunce organized a study visit to the Nature Park of Lonjsko Polje, which was attended by representatives of Nature parks of Lastovo and Telašćica as well as members of their newly established cooperative councils.

Cooperative councils of protected areas are established with the aim of strengthening the local community’s role in the management and planning of sustainable park development. Representatives of the local population, officials of the relevant institutions in the municipalities and counties in whose area the parks are located, representatives of civil society associations and the private sector as well as experts who can contribute to the achievement of the goals for which the Council is established, are selected for council members.

The program of the visit lasted from 18-20 March 2015, included the presentation of the Public institution Lonjsko polje, its Cooperation Council with a long tradition of work, a tour of the Park with expert guidance and a visit to the small family farms that make up the tourist offer of the Lonjsko polje. Members of the visiting co-operation councils had the opportunity to attend the meeting of the NP Lonjsko Polje Association Council and to celebrate the Days of the Park that this year celebrates 25 years after the proclamation.

With this visit, members of the newly established councils and representatives of Nature parks Lastovo and Telašćica were motivated for further cooperation and communication within the collaborative councils.