Students againts building in Split’s Park forest

On the occasion of Marjan Day, the Sunce Association and the students of the Natural Science and Technical School Split are publishing a petition of young people against the construction on Marjan. The petition was signed by 210 students! (You can look here about the Petition ).

Collecting signatures is part of the practical part of the graduation works of two school students, Domina Milišić and Marita Pelicarić, and within the program of socially beneficial learning jointly conducted by the Sunce Association and the Natural Science and Technical School of Split.

Students in the 10 classes held a lecture on “Building on Marjan? Yes or no?”. After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to sign a petition to make the Marjan Forest Park a place for recreation and relaxation, not another building area.

This petition clearly shows that young people are aware of the importance of preserving Marjan and preventing any further urbanization. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the Marjan Forest Park within the limits made in 1988 and to declare it permanently a protected cultural good with a clear banning of construction of new facilities other than those for infrastructure purposes.

Although most citizens are not aware of this, the endeavor of various investors to open the southern slopes of Marjan is still very important.