Split Council Members lost on Marjan?

On the occasion of the article “Ecological Marjan Piggy Bank – I’m not employed by cousins, I have 6800 kn” published in Slobodna Dalmacija, March 28, 2014. in which the city councilors of Split call Srđan Marinić, as employee of the Marjan Society, we are considered to be responding for collegial reasons.

Without going into the fact that Srđan Mladinić, as an employee of Marjan Company and President of the Marjan Public Administration Council, is in a conflict of interest, the Sunce Association can testify about volunteer engagement and enthusiasm which was a guiding star that Marinić is following in advocating for Marjan for years.

Sunce with Mr. Marinić has been working since 2005 on a series of activities related to the preservation of Marjan, as well as environmental protection in the City of Split in general. When we talk about Marjan, we never had a chance to meet anyone else with so much enthusiasm as Mr. Marinić. All these years, Srđan Marinić actively hired volunteers in the Sunce Association, as an individual citizen and later as a member of the Marjan Society, also spending their own vacation when activities related to the preservation of Marjan were carried out.

We believe that his professional engagement in the conservation and management of the Marjan Forest Park can only contribute to finally ending all the usurpations of which Marjan has been exposed to for years and insufficient care for his maintenance. How this engagement will be carried out and not be considered a conflict of interest, we leave to those in charge. What we can say with our pure hearts is that we do not know the person who cares more about the preservation of the Marjan Forest Park.

For the Sunce Association

Gabrijela Medunić – Orlić, Executive Director