Split business – Let’s ignore the illegal stuff in Marjan protected area

Here is just this project and we will then ban illegal construction on Marjan – we will remember some anthological statements by a Split-based councilor from a couple of years ago about building a catering facility in the Split Forest Park associated with the former mayor. If I’m not mistaken, another councilor has absolutely suggested that illegal killings in Marjan should be prohibited in the future.

In any case, when the City Council is sitting on Marjan, you can be sure that the topic is related to something that is – unlawful.

Our mayor Baldasar has been bored with this, so he decided to endure such actions so that any illegality might be ignored and, those who warn him, are later on invited to join him in ignoring the illegality.

So our mayor calls the Marjan Society to “stop working on this (criminal reports for suspicious actions) … and to keep up with Marjan’s guarding, protecting and breeding.”

The mayor is simply not clear with the Marjan Society, because, as he says, “It is more important for them to try to incriminate someone who allegedly did a criminal offense than to look together in the future.” This irresistibly reminds of General Rojs and his “whoever doubted”.

Just to put things in a lesser perspective, Marjan Society is a 111 year old institution that protected, preserved and arranged Marjan as an excursion point, set up signs, water, renewed churches, issued Marjan’s books, initiated its proclamation of a protected area and, in the end, meritoriously honored by the Golden Coat of Arms of Split. All you see on Marjan (except for illegal construction, this has enabled the policy) is the merit of the Marjan Society.

On Tuesday 16.12.2014. in Villa Dalmacija, the 50th anniversary of the Marjan Park Forest was celebrated. At the celebration that would not have been without the Marjan Society, the Marjan Society was not invited! As Mayor says, this is because “Marjan Society turned to the contrary (they did not join him in ignorance).”

Not only was the Society not be called, but the mayor took advantage of this solemn occasion to open and close the event to the counts of those who were not invited.

Even if the mayor was right and that the Society really invented all the elements of the criminal record, it would still be a matter of fundamental decency on account of 111 years of old merit. It is not only insolent but also shameful and miserable! It is not honorable for the City and the City Public Institution which manages Marjan. What’s next, Hajduk’s birthday party without Torcida?

According to us, the role of the Marjan Society is to take care of Marjan in all possible and legally acceptable ways as they have always done so far. Among other things, it is to point to irregularities in the work. Here are the few reasons why the Society is reporting the Public Administration for Forest Park Management Marjan:

1. Manipulation covering the Marjan Forest Park (conversion of non-urban to construction land). Among other things, on Marjan, there are 60 illegal buildings for which the city public institution has not filed applications, and now the mayor announces legalization and says: “After legalization, we will make accesses, roads …” In other words, these illegal constructions now have the guarantee and will receive all the necessary infrastructure.

2. Counter-execution of forestry works – The public institution exists since 2005 and since then it has been carrying out forestry works on Marjan, and there are more than 50 employees and yet no licensed foresters among! It’s as if you were on a flight from Split to Zagreb you find out that there are no pilots on the plane, but they assure you that you are safe because it has been like that for years!

3. The Internal Audit of the City has determined that the Public Procurement Act is not being implemented – my God, as it is something unusual in our little mess.