Organized trip for participants of the project “Sustainable student companies in Croatian high schools”


After many delays caused by COVID-19 pandemic, finally we have organized a trip for participants of the project ‘’Sustainable student companies in Croatian high schools’’.

On 23rd of June, with students and professors of High School Braća Radić, School for design, graphic and sustainable construction and Craft technical school, we headed towards Habjanovac, small village in which is located ecostate Zrno. On this property we were warmly welcomed by employees with tasty lunch made of fresh veggies from their fields and gardens. After lunch, Ksenija Pirišljin gave us a tour of the Zrno eco estate and brought us closer towards the ways of producing without pesticides and herbicides, especially biointensive, and the process of certification and establishment of standards and trust in organic production.

Convinced in the quality of their products, we finished our day in the center of Zagreb, precisely in Zrno bistro, a bistro that receives fresh groceries from the farm every day and makes organic dishes from them.

Next day was reserved for business world. We started the day by visiting Impact Hub Zagreb, a community of entrepreneurs and innovators driven by change for the betterment of society. Leader of the project in Impact Hub, Helena Hadbija, has explained to the participants what Impact is exactly, that is, what is the importance of social influence in the business world and gave several tips on the development and financing of a business idea.

Motivated, by Impact Hub, we moved to the premises of BIRD incubator, whose premises for their work are using our partners CIDRANI. The founders of CIDRANI and our mentors, Nika and Bruno, lead us through the reflection of the previous development of the business idea of partner schools and gave advice and broadened the perspectives for its further development. We were honored that we got the chance to meet Mrs. Renata Brkić from investment fund Feelsgood Social Impact. Feelsgood Social Impact invests in Croatian and Slovenian business ventures of strong and capable teams that will leave a measurable social impact. Mrs Brkić presented us the project ‘’ Scientific picnic’’ Baltazar Association – a project to popularize science and art whose main goal is to promote science in the broadest sense and to interest young people, and those who feel so, to choose science as their vocation. This year’s Science Picnic is celebrating its jubilee 10th edition, and the opening of the first Croatian Science-Education-Entertainment Center is planned, which would enable interactive and fun learning about science for all ages, following the example of world models of science centers.

Before returning to the Split, we also visited the premises of Croatian association of school cooperatives in which we reviewed the exhibited works of student cooperatives and experienced what it is like to work on a potter’s wheel.

We have returned to Split full of new knowledge, ideas and motivation that will certainly help students in the further development of their student cooperatives and business ideas.