On-ine exibition: Natura 2000 in Croatia

The exhibition Natura 2000 was created as part of the project “Together for Nature Conservation – Civil Society Organizations for effective European Natura 2000 Network in Croatia“.

Nature conservation is necessary and therefore is recognized by so many legislative mechanisms at the national, European and international level. Natura 2000 is the most powerful tool of nature conservation in the European Union and represents a network of nature conservation areas, established in each Member State under the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive. The success of the network establishment and the implementation of its protection are based on various nature protection policy measures, but also on active involvement of civil society organizations (CSO), which actually represent a kind of “watchdog” organizations.

This exhibition was set up in several cities in Croatia and now is available to everyone. Enyoj the Natura 2000 beauty of Croatia!