Night of the Albatross for the first time in Komiža


After three years of celebrating the Night of the Albatross on the Lastovo Island as part of the LIFE Artina project, this year for the first time we decided to hold the Night of the Albatross in Komiža on the Vis Island, together with project partners.

On October 1st in the Fishing Museum (Komuna, Kaštel), from 7 to 10 pm, the first Albatross Night in Komiža will be celebrated, where there will be many interactive and educational games for the youngest and two exhibitions – about marine litter and seabirds through the eyes of researchers.

We remind our readers that for three years, in 2019, 2021 and 2022, Sunce has been organizing the Night of the Albatross on the Lastovo Island, as part of the Life Artina project.

First Night of the Albatross

On August 24, 2019, the first Night of the Albatross was held at Lastovske poklade Square. The crowd was entertained by the Ladesta women’s klapa, the Fumari men’s klapa and the Lastovo cultural and artistic society, and in order to raise awareness of the importance of reducing single-use plastics we used paper plates, wooden utensils and reusable plastic cups throughout the evening.

Find out how the first Night of the Albatross went in the article of the Life Artina project -> HERE.

Visitors could enjoy traditional delicacies during the Night of the Albatross

The second Night of the Albatross

The second Night of the Albatross was held in Zaklopatica cove on the island of Lastovo on July 15, 2021, by the joint organizational forces of the employees of the Lastovo Islands Nature Park, BIOM and Sunce, and the WWF Adria joined in.

We remind you that it is important to preserve bird populations in the areas where they naturally come, that is why the Life Artina project intends to help declare new marine conservation areas important for birds that are recognized as key areas, not only for nesting but also for feeding and migration.

Therefore, at this event the visitors could’ve learnt more about research methods, field work, find out what waste monitoring is and why waste is one of the biggest threats to seabirds, and what other threats to seabirds there are.

Find out which exhibition they could’ve seen, which games visitors could’ve attend, and who saved the young gregula on the road in the article -> HERE.

The third Night of the Albatross

The third Night of the Albatross was held on July 9, 2022 in Zaklopatica bay on Lastovo, where visitors had the opportunity to hear all about marine litter on Lastovo, the threats to seabirds as well as their voice and the seabird bycatch and other animals with fishing gear.

The Night of the Albatross is suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. We invite everyone who is in Komiža on October 1st to stop by the Fisherman’s Museum (Komuna), have a good time, and learn something about our endangered albatrosses and Mediterranean seagulls along the way.