Local newspaper apologizes for biased reporting

Slobodna Dalmacija, at one point in time, a free newspaper, is now publicly apologizing to the coalition of S.O.S. for the Adriatic and all readers and the Dalmatian public due to tendentious, biased and manipulative writing on oil exploitation in the Adriatic.

“We apologize to all readers and the Dalmatian public who have been expecting an unbiased and argumentative approach to oil exploitation in the Adriatic. We also apologize to the Coalition of S.O.S. for Adriatic that we have adopted the editorial policy of ignoring all the facts and arguments against the exploitation of oil in the Adriatic, “said the editorial’s statement.

When asked why a once reputable institution fell into such a low-profile editorial office, they replied: “We are aware that our journalistic legends like the late Miljenko Smoje and Milorad Bibić Mosor are turning in their graves, but the market is such that we can survive only by posting ordered and paid articles. Unfortunately, it’s such a time that we really can not afford to tell our journalists the truth. Additionally, let’s all talk together, what is the truth and what is it all about, “they said.

Based on these findings, an initiative has started that the Free Dalmatia (Slobodna Dalmacija) changed its name to Occupied Dalmatia – The Messenger of those who give money and, at least in this symbolic way, try not to make their readers mislead to read the factual news.


Unfortunately, this is a first-legged joke, the news is fictional and this is just a satirical display of reality for now.