Lastovo has a new educational trail

On 18th of August, Lastovo’s square, accompanied by local songs, delicacies and handicrafts of local family craftsmanship has presented a new educational trail “Through present to the past”. It is part of the SEA-Med project jointly realized by the Public Institution of the Nature Park of Lastovo, WWF and the Sunce Association of Split, with the aim of becoming the Park’s recognizable tourist destination that promotes the preservation of the natural values and traditions of the islands.

“The educational trail is 6.4 km long with a multitude of boards, signs, games, starry sketch … We believe that both domestic and guests will always love to walk on a path that introduces visitors to an extremely rich cultural heritage and passes through fields, vineyards and olive groves of our Lastovo, “said Jelena Matoković, expert of the Nature Park of Lastovo.

At the opening, Milena Šijan from the Association Sunce also presented the Lastovo Cookbook, a fun tourist map and announced new promotional materials and activities that will contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Tourism Plan. The Head of Public Institution Kristo Jovanović and WWF Director Adria Martin Šolar welcomed the gatherings, saying, “Be aware that you have what no one does, be proud of Lastovo, unique in the world.”

That they were aware of their special features, 8 family craftsmanship have showed it in the past years as they gathered for the first time and showed it in full splendor, as the summer night was further enriched by the men’s Fumari band and Ladenta female “klapa”. Similar events in the future will contribute to the sustainable financing of the local community and give visitors the opportunity to become part of the lasting coexistence of man and nature. Scents, tastes, sounds and smiles of locals and guests are an indication of how Lastovo is safely stepping through sustainable tourism.

The SEA-Med Croatia co-ordinates and implements the Sunce’s Project, in partnership with WWF (World Wildlife Fund), the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature (MZOIP), the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian Environment and Nature Agency (HAOP) and cooperation with the local community of the island of Lastovo and all interested stakeholders.