How to separate your household waste

We remind and invite the citizens of the Districts Varoš and the Town to put the separately collected plastic in yellow bags and paper in blue bags in front of their waste collection tanks on Tuesday, 1.12.2015. until 9:00 am. This will contribute to the implementation of a separate waste collection system from door to door.

We inform the citizens who no longer have yellow and blue bags that they can get them by calling the company Čistoća d.o.o. at Info Phone 0800 0021. The bags will be available from the following week in the premises of the city districts Varoš and Town (Grad).

We urge all citizens to call the Green Phone of the Association Sunce 072 123456 in case they notice any irregularities in the implementation of this separate waste collection system or if there are any reasons for the inability of the implementation. Also, photographic irregularities may be published on the Interactive map for the environmental and utility issues of Split

Separate waste collection reduces the amount of communal waste, preserves the environment and human health. We can participate together in environmental protection!