First generation of EkoPartner

Preparation for the tourist season lasts for a whole year. Especially for small tourist facilities and rural economies that want to introduce the ecological dimension of sustainability and environmental protection into their practice. As tourists are increasingly more concerned about sustainability and seeking environmentally responsible accommodation, Sunce has designed a program of environmentally responsible management of small tourist facilities – EcoPartner. This is why Croatia is promoting the introduction of ecological practices in buildings that contribute to the social and economic well-being of local communities.

For our partner renters from our two pearls – Lastovo and Dugi otok, we have organized 3 cycles of lectures: on water saving, energy savings and separate collection of waste. After public lectures on water conservation and subsidies of potters in collaboration with Preval, our partner renters learned, in partnership with Mark2, to save electricity through LED lighting. Since separate waste collection and composting reduce the total amount of waste by 30 to 40 percent, the last cycle of lectures was devoted to this topic.

The first generation of rental partners has completed their education and is building the image of an environmentally responsible tourist facility. Ten eco-partners from Lastovo and ten from Dugi otok improved their offer, lowered their operating costs and at the same time contributed to the protection of the environment and nature. We are sure that good co-operation and new education will continue in the future.

EcoPartner Project is not stopping there! The next step is to expand the membership and organization of lectures on the island of Vis and Split.
All interested renters, on this occasion, are invited to join EcoPartner and become our environmental partners. More about EcoPartner you can read here, also on Facebook or contact us at [email protected]
Eco-partner project activities are funded through the SEA Med – Small Grants project and the Environmental Protection Fund.