Find your place under the Sun

Real cliché, that’s for sure. Well, a few are immune to them. There is something romantic in the clichés. Join, find your place under the Sun. It would be a perfect cliché slogan … for some other organization. In this Sun(ce) we kind of have not been delighted with the idea that anyone is looking for anything underneath us. More suitable for those who would be looking for us.

We recognize that immediately. “Good afternoon, I’ve watched your video and it’s great for me to do it like that, I’ll join. So, I support you at least basically. If nothing else, I’m a part of that story. ”

There are not so many of that kind of people. Most people are suspicious. Who finances you? For whom do you work and against whom do you fight? Why didn’t you save that tree at the crossroads of you and that street? Along with today’s devaluation of the moral and the inflation of the thiefs, it is no weird thing. We would first ask such questions.

However, when you are part of this story, when you know how much effort has been invested in each project, in every small and big result, in making the country enforce its own regulations and local self-government to operate transparently in days and days of fieldwork from morning till dark, in studies, lawsuits, workshops, lectures and education … then, of course, you can not believe when someone doubts your intentions.

We want members who believe in what we are doing. We want members who support us because they recognize what we are doing. We want members who are aware of how our society and our country can benefit from the work of the Sunce. We want members who will, together with us, be proud of the preserved nature and environment of Croatia.

If you recognize yourself in these lines, support us and JOIN!