End of Service “Development of management plans for Natura 2000 and protected areas”

In September 2023, the service Development of management plans for Natura 2000 and protected areas – Group 5 was successfully completed. Sunce implemented the service together with Biom Association and SAFEGE d.o.o. for the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, and in line with needs of competent public institutions.

We are proud to say that Sunce coordinated the development of 8 management plans covering 23 protected areas and 70 Natura 2000 areas in Šibenik-Knin, Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties.

Sunce organized 75 workshops in total

Along with the employees of competent public institutions, the stakeholders were also included in the structured process of management plans development. During the past 4 years, Sunce organized a total of 75 workshops out of which 36 were internal workshops with public institution’s employees and 39 were workshops for stakeholders.

Through the participatory planning process, stakeholders contributed to the evaluation of the state of individual protected areas and Natura 2000 areas, setting goals, developing activities, and zoning of areas within management plans. The organization of  workshops was specially challenging  as due to the deadlines, most of them had to be organized  during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interested public had the opportunity to participate in management plans adoption through public debates that were published on the websites of competent public institutions and during public presentations held in Ston, Šibenik, Hvar, Goveđari, Čilipi, Orebić and Korčula.

During the summer of 2023, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development issued the consent for all 8 management plans which were then adopted by the management councils of the competent public institutions and entered into force.

The documents were developed with the aim of preserving valuable areas

The final versions of the adopted management plans can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, and will also be published on the websites of relevant public institutions (only in Croatian):

The documents were developed with the aim of preserving these valuable areas. They are the result of many years of experience, knowledge and expertise of everyone involved in this process and collaboration with different stakeholders. Sunce gained a great experience as we had the opportunity to work in direct contact with people on the field and understand better the problems of preserving these areas , which will enable us to be even more focused on solving them and more efficient in our future work.

We thank everyone who contributed to the process of management plans development, and we wish public institutions much success in their future implementation!