Eighth Split bicycle tour for a better quality of life in the city

On Sunday, October 6, 2019, the eighth Split Bicycle tour was organized by the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce. The participants gathered at Obala knez Branimir in front of the City council, where they were welcomed by Sunce employees and volunteers. After the usual registration, participants started driving through the city streets. Among the participants of this year’s Split Bicycle tour was a large number of the youngest cyclists, who attracted special attention.

It was driven along the usual route: Ivan Meštrović Promenade, Marina Tartaglia Promenade, then via Marjan to Matoševa street, Street of sedam Kaštela, Zrinsko-Frankopanska street, Kavanjinova street, Starčevićeva and Gundulićeva street then through street of Domovinskog rata, Livanjska, Sinjska and Zagrebačka street to Strossmayer Park (Đardina), where was also the official goal of this year’s Split bicycle race.

After a short break with fruit and natural juices served in reusable cups, the participants tried their luck in a raffle. The youngest played waste separation games and took away appropriate gifts, and the visitors could also learn something. Namely, at the information stands of Association Sunce, anyone interested in separating kitchen waste could see what composting looks like, learn how to reduce household waste and reuse items, and how to separate waste. Friendly employees of Sunce readily answered all questions related to the activities and projects they carry out, and those interested could join Association Sunce.

The reason for organizing the Split Bicycle tour is to mark the World Car Free Day, and the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce joined this international initiative eight years ago. We know that the excessive number of cars on city streets negatively affects the quality of life, starting with air pollution, noise and traffic congestion, which ultimately has a bad impact on health, flora and fauna, and the environment. The intention of this manifestation is to encourage citizens to use their influence on the use of public spaces, in order to make them more pleasant to live in.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the eighth Split Bicycle tour and see you next year!