Education for sustainability – Sunce educates for a better future


Education about sustainable development is essential because it helps us become more responsible and sustainable individuals and communities, which in the long run will help preserve the planet for future generations.

How does Sunce help raise environmental awareness with programs for children and educational workers?

Over the years, Sunce has developed its pedagogical and methodical approaches to reach as many individuals as possible with its educational activities and to improve the understanding of how our actions affect nature and the environment. Educational workers are valuable in preparing future generations for sustainability and environmental protection. Therefore, they must be educated about sustainable development and methods that will help them transfer this knowledge to students.

Together we can create a better future for our children, and education for educational workers is one of the steps toward that.

Development of educational activities of Sunce

For many years, Sunce has been engaged in education about sustainable development, environmental protection and promoting ecological values in society. Through education, we strive to raise awareness of the importance of nature conservation and environmental protection and encourage people to participate in sustainable development actively. Our commitment to raising awareness of the importance of nature conservation and environmental protection is nothing new – from the beginning, we have been focused on educational institutions, providing educational programs to children and youth from an early age.


However, Sunce’s educational activities have changed over the years. Initially, these were mainly short workshops or one-day trips to nature where we would spend a short time with a particular group. Over time, we realized that such a short-term approach to education often does not lead to the desired effect. We required more time to develop the ecological awareness of children and young people.

Therefore, to make the impact more visible and long-term, we designed educational programs – sets of workshops that sometimes included several months of socializing with the same group of participants. Through long-term gatherings, we empower a micro-community that contributes to creating a better and healthier environment for all of us and enables the preservation of natural resources for future generations.

Today Sunce offers five educational programs for children and youthComposting, Responsible waste generation and handling, Green reporters, Sustainable student enterprises and Seabirds.

To teach those who teach – education of educational workers, not only children

However, by analyzing the application of ecological topics in educational institutions and talking to teachers, educators, and other educational workers, we recognized a need for more environmentally responsible education. This lack of ecological education is often due to the lack of time and opportunities for informing educational workers on these topics.

Therefore, Sunce designed five educational programs specifically for educational workers: Responsible Generation and Handling of Waste, School Composting, Green Institutions, Participatory Work Methods and Active Schools Drive Change (Volunteering, Social Skills, Environment).

Education for educational workers allows them to adopt new techniques and approaches, exchange experiences with colleagues, and acquire knowledge about sustainability that will be useful in their daily work.

A new round of training for teachers

In March, we started with the implementation of another such service: Responsible Generation and Handling of Waste for teachers of kindergarten Radost. The first joint workshop was held on March 14, 2023, on the premises of kindergarten Radost, Margaritela, for 11 teachers. Representatives of the kindergartens Trešnjica, Iskrica, Pinokio, Cvrčak, Pluton and Margaritela participated in the workshop to get to know each other, the work of Sunce and the educational program itself.

As part of the workshop, the participants also visited the Orišac Recycling Yard to get an insight into how waste is managed in their community, ask all the questions that interest them and motivate themselves to sustainable waste management in their work and private life. This type of education is essential for creating a society of preserved nature and environment and a better future for all of us. Sunce will continue to educate about sustainable development, environmental protection and promoting ecological values because we know how important it is for our community and the planet.

Our educators develop all services individually according to the needs and capabilities of the user. If you want to know more about Sunce’s educational services and how to become their user, contact us at: [email protected].