Earth day 2014.


This is the 44th anniversary of the Day of Planet Earth in more than 175 countries with the intent of increasing awareness and respect for the natural environment of our planet. This is a day of appreciation for everything we have done and what we need and can do to help us preserve our planet.

Waste and waste management remains a key issue for society globally as well as in Croatia. Although in the waste management hierarchy particular emphasis has been placed on reducing waste generation, recycling and reusing, the application of these principles in practice is still pending. Therefore, this year, most of the program was devoted to the subject of responsible waste management.


April 22, 2014 (Tuesday)


Organizers: County Council of Chemical Engineers and Ecology Teachers in Secondary Schools and Sunce Association
The lecture is intended for members of the cross-county council, which introduces facts about the dangers and relevant researches related to chemical contamination of food and the use of numerous additives in the food industry.
April 23, 2014 (Wednesday) starting at 12:00 in Čistoći d.o.o. Split, Put Plokita 81.
Organizers: Association Sunce and Čistoća d.o.o. Split
The competition is being organized for the third year in a row. It is divided into two categories: for students from 1st to 4th grade and students from 5th to 8th grade, with the aim of raising the level of awareness about the problem of waste in the environment and the promotion of responsible waste management with principles of reduce, reuse and recycle . At the ceremony, prizes will be awarded to all participating schools. The first prizes from both categories is Green filed trips, under the auspices of the Sunce Association, and for the second place award is a Green field trip in the area where the awarded school is situated, also under the educational guidance of the Sunce Association.
April 24, 2014 (Thursday) 17.00, Info Zone, Jerina 1.
Organizers: Sunce Association, Čistoća d.o.o. Split, Natural Sciences School
In 2014, in cooperation with the students of the Natural Science School, we conducted surveys on the use of single-time plastic cups in kindergartens among parents of children’s nursery service users. The results of this survey will be presented in the lecture, as well as examples of good practice and solutions that contribute to sustainable development, preservation of health and the environment for future generations. Namely, although we are faced with the fact that Karepovac landfill is at the end of its capacity, but also with the obligation of cities to reduce the amount of waste disposed to landfills, Split’s kindergartens often use one-time plastic glasses. Thus, between 8000 and 9000 plastic cups per day are converted into a waste. At the annual level for plastic cups in  Split kindergartens, parents spend 240,000.00 kn. After giving lectures the quickest to give away the use of one-time plastic cups and make the decision in practice, and thus contribute to reducing the amount of waste that is being disposed daily on the Karepovac landfill, will be awarded a green excursion by their choice. Other kindergartens who go through multiple glasses by the end of 2014 will be awarded a Green Marjan excursion with the educational leadership of Sunce Association.
April 26, 2014 (Saturday) from 9.30 am to 12.00 am, Kašuni
Organizers: Association Sunce and City of Split

City of Split had joined one-day cleaning action that will be implemented at this day throughout Croatia. Sunce Association with its members and volunteers as well as 100 students from Natural Science School, Marjan Society, members of the political party of ORAH and Wrigley employees are joining the action. We will clean the Kašuni beach area. The City of Split also organizes cleaning on the river Žrnovnica.

April 27, 2014 (Sunday), 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, Riva (in front of Splitska banka)


Organizers: Sunce Association, RODA Association

Consumer lifestyle is one of the key causes of today’s situation with environment and exhausted natural resources. The Sunce Association is cultivating long-term cooperation with the RODA Association precisely because of its commitment to environmental protection. By organizing a sale event, we want to send a message that using the things already used can make a significant contribution to the conservation of the environment as well as to the family budget. The RODA Association will present cotton diapers for sale, which useage significantly reduces the environmental burden stemming from their uregular se, and the Sunce Association will promote cotton bags and thereby promoting reducing and reusing as jkey principles.

Citizens wishing to take part in the sale should apply to the Sunce Association from 22-24. April 2014 by phone: 360-779 and 091 3607790 or e-mail [email protected]