Dalmatia Green program signed partnership contract with ECOINNO


As part of the Dalmatia Green program for private tourist renters, we have entered into another business partnership. Our program was also supported by EcoInno.

EcoInno is a company that advocates a new standard of cleaning without the use of cleaning agents. All you need for cleaning is the EcoInno appliance, with accessories, in which you put a couple of liters of water. By using the Ecolnno appliance, all surfaces in your premises will be bacteria free, as the appliance operates at high temperatures and no waste water will remain after cleaning. In this way, your space becomes safe and protected from bacteria, viruses and mites, all without the use of chemicals.

Since through the Dalmatia Green program we encourage stays in sustainable accommodation facilities and thus take care of reducing the negative impact of tourism on the environment, the partnership with EcoInno was eco-logical.

The signing of another “green” partnership brings great benefits for current and future members of the Dalmatia Green program. EcoInno fully bears the cost of a two-year membership fee for each member who switches to the ThermoStar GreenCleaning cleaning concept and gives a 15% discount on the purchase of appliances and necessary equipment.

We invite you to take a look at other Dalmatia Green partners and discounts -> HERE.

In addition to the above discounts, members of the Dalmatia Green program receive other benefits:

  • the right to have their accommodation on the ECO-BNB online accommodation platform
  • advertising on the Dalmatia Green website: active member
  • better opportunities to use incentives, subsidies and grants
  • networking with the Dalmatia Green community of like-minded people
  • satisfied guests and grateful nature and the environment!

If you are an owner of a tourist facility that already operates or wants to operate in a sustainable way and invest more in your business and the protection of nature and environment, join aware like-minded people and become a member of Dalmatia Green community of private landlords who think green.

Dalmatia Green provides an individual approach to each accommodation owner who wants to improve their own tourist offer. We will teach and guide you through “eco steps” to sustainable accommodation, it’s up to you to choose the right pace for yourself.