Dalmatia green is a part of world certificate


We are pleased to inform you that the Dalmatia Green Certificate was included in the portal for sustainable and responsible tourism DestiNet, at the initiative of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which recognized the Dalmatia Green Certificate as a valuable tool for raising sustainability and environmental responsibility of tourist businesses in Dalmatia. With this, Dalmatia Green has entered the world circle of certificates that guarantee green accommodation and green business.

Since 2004, ECOTRANS has been developing DestiNet, a portal for sustainable and responsible tourism within the UN. Since 2015, the portal has been registered as a Partnership for Sustainable Development, and in 2017 it was launched under a new name – Tourism2030.

The Tourism2030 platform brings three decades of experience in the development of sustainable tourism at the highest level together with the latest modern research and market development in the field of travel and tourism in order to meet the goals of sustainable development of the UN 2030.

DestiNet services help certification bodies and destinations increase their visibility and market access. By entering among Tourism2030, DestiNet certificates, all our DG members are published on this international site.

You can read about the Dalmatia Green certificate, our facilities and see the position on the global map of green accommodation on the Green travel maps on DesiNet website.

If you want to register your accommodation on this global site as well as support sustainable tourism and Dalmatia Green, you need to fill out one of the application forms for Dalmatia Green certification.

Application form 1 – At this link you can add photos to your online application.

Application form 2 – At this link you can fill out an application and send photos by e-mail.

For more information call us at 021 / 360-779 or send an email to [email protected].