Cooperation between the Association Sunce and the Faculty of Law in Split

The Association Sunce started its cooperation with the Faculty of Law in Split within the EU project “Responsible for Nature” in the framework of which workshops were held at the Faculty of Law there on the topic of the environmental law aimed at informing and educating students about the role, importance and the position of environmental law in national and EU legislation.

During the last two years of the project, a long-term volunteering program has been successfully implemented, through which the student volunteers of the Association Sunce were assigned to us in certain volunteering cycles, thus acquiring the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of the Association and to participate in the creation of legal practice in the field of protection of environmental rights with the lawyers of the Association Sunce.

Since the project is scheduled for completion on December 10th of this year, one of the last activities within the project is a lecture at the Faculty of Law in Split, in the field of environmental protection.

Therefore, we are exceptionally pleased to welcome the professor of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb Aleksandar Maganić, who will further educate students and professors of the Faculty of Law in Split and the Association Sunce employees on environmental law by lecturing on “Administrative and Civil Aspects of Environmental Protection”.

By linking these two issues to civil and administrative law, the lecture will provide a broad insight into the theory of environmental law and will link it to the legal burden and work of civil society organizations working in the field of environmental protection, who are an important actor in creating that practice.

We also expect this lecture to encourage new students to join the the Association Sunce Volunteering Program and thus ensure the sustainability of this activity together with the completion of the project.

So join us on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. at 11:30 at the Faculty of Law in Split, lecture number 4 and find out something new about Environmental Law!