Completion of the project “Responsible for Nature

In December 2017, the implementation of the two-year project “Responsible for nature” was successfully completed in cooperation with project partners Association BIOM, Društvo Marjan, University of Split – Faculty of Economics; and Faculty of Law who acted as project associate.

By implementing numerous project activities, project partners worked on achieving the overall project goal, i.e. to increase the level of transparency and efficiency in the management of natural resources in Croatia.

Part of the implemented activities and project results are also visible in the publications made within the project. Below we provide links from which these publications can be downloaded directly in pdf format:

Successful protection of nature can only be achieved through active engagement of all members of society and especially the local community living in the protected area.

  • Public participation in the environmental procedures at the county level – Legislation on public participation on county level – Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures / Assessment of Acceptability for Ecological Network – Theory and Practice (Available only in the Croatian language)

Only by looking and observing public opinion and allowing and providing feedback, it is possible to build public confidence in the implementation of these procedures and raise the quality of public participation in environmental proceedings.

Forest Park Marjan represents the most valuable part of nature in the city of Split and its area should not be reduced due to the services it provides for all residents of Split and other visitors. Protection and management The Marjan Forest Park should be focused on maintaining and upgrading all ecosystem services in the Forest Park.