Comments of the Association Sunce on the Waste management plan

The Croatian waste management system is one of the worst in the EU – 83% of municipal waste is disposed at the landfill site and waste separation is not available or cost-effective, resulting in only 17% of recycled waste. And among the worst – we are the champions. The Split-Dalmatia County and the city of Split are the worst in Croatia at a rate of 11.3% of municipal waste. At the same time, our County is the second one for the amount of municipal waste produced.

We believe that this is precisely why the new Waste management plan foresees an intervention measure for the reduction of municipal waste disposal in the city of Split, which stipulates the construction of the facility and/or the equipment needed to:

  • sorting separately collected waste,
  • biological treatment plants for separately collected bio-waste,
  • mixed municipal waste treatment facilities in the City of Split.

With this measure, the Plan envisions a set of goals and measures aligned with the principles of circular economy and resource efficiency, an ie positive shift in the system of separation, recycling and fairer fee for citizens. In this way, a waste disposal fee is introduced, plans to build sorting, composting and recycling plants at local levels, construction of reuse centers and recycling yards and the provision of education and improvement of communal line.

On the other hand, the Plan contains several failures, of which the most significant for our citizens is the further planning of the Waste management center on the karst land in Lećevica, which is hydrologically connected with the sources of our drinking water. Dangerous waste incineration in CEMEX factories is also foreseen.

The financial part of the Plan is not in line with the priorities for responsible and sustainable waste management and the financial resources envisaged are not allocated in such a way as to enable the successful implementation of the objectives and measures set out in the plan and encourage avoidance and separate collection of waste.

Complete comments by the Association Sunce on the Waste management plan of the Republic of Croatia 2016-2022. you can find here.