Cleaning Sailing Race 2023. – Sunce and Biotherm in the mission of cleaning the Adriatic Sea!


Pollution of all types of water is a global problem. It knows no borders and has a detrimental effect on marine ecosystems worldwide. In addition to threatening the richness of marine life and ecological balance, marine pollution has severe consequences for human health, the economy and the sustainability of natural resources.

While preserving and protecting the Adriatic Sea seems like a race against time, we proudly announce the Cleaning Sailing Race 2023, an educational-ecological regatta. This unique event continues last year’s cooperation between Sunce association and the Biotherm brand and will combine love for the sea and responsibility for the environment.

Sunce and Biotherm recognize the importance of preserving our natural resources, and together with you, we want to set an example of how to take care of our sea and environment. The sea is the basis of our existence, with a great ecological, economic and health impact. That’s why it’s time to give it back the purity it deserves!

With the support of Biotherm, you also have the opportunity to participate in preserving the Adriatic Sea.

You and Biotherm donate to Sunce to clean up the sea

Join us in the mission to clean up our sea.

For every Biotherm product purchased in Müller perfumeries from June 10 to October 1, 2023, Biotherm will donate €1 to Sunce. This donation can be made in all Müller branches throughout Croatia.

In this way, every individual who buys Biotherm products is actively involved in supporting the preservation of the Adriatic Sea and the work of Sunce on the problem of sea pollution.

Cleaning Sailing Race 2023

We end the Biotherm campaign with the Cleaning Sailing Race – a race against time. This educational-ecological regatta gathers lovers of the sea and people who want to contribute to preserving marine ecosystems. It encourages cooperation between non-governmental organizations, the private and public sectors and numerous individuals in creating positive changes for the environment.

In addition to promoting the importance of marine conservation, this regatta also has an educational component. All participants of the action are informed about the numerous threats to which the marine ecosystem is exposed and the negative impact of pollution on marine ecosystems. During the action, participants are educated about proper waste handling and all the contributions they can make to preserve the sea for future generations.

Biotherm recycling units and special benefits

This year, Biotherm has raised the bar in our joint campaign so that you will find Biotherm recycling units in selected Müller perfumeries.

Bring empty packaging of any brand or product and recycle it at Biotherm recycling units located at the following locations:
Split: City Center One
Zagreb: Arena, CCO Jankomir, Müller Trg
Rijeka: EKZ ZTC
Zadar: Supernova, East eCCO

Each recycled packaging brings you a 10% discount when buying Biotherm products. In this way, in addition to taking care of the environment, you can also enjoy special benefits when purchasing Biotherm products.

Namely, with every purchase of a Biotherm product, you get the Biotherm stamp on your loyalty card. When you collect ten stamps, you can get a free deodorant. The stamp collection and 10% discount are valid only in Müller perfumeries with a recycling unit.

it's not water, it's more graffiti

Let’s restore the cleanliness to the Adriatic Sea that it deserves – together

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Members of Sunce will have a unique opportunity to join this extraordinary regatta and participate in cleaning the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, find out how to become a member of Sunce at the LINK.

It is time for joint actions to preserve our most precious treasure, education about sea protection, sustainability, waste management and ecology, and apply what has been learned in practice.

Let’s look to the future and build a world where the sea remains our greatest ally and most valued gift.