Annual Assembly of Association Sunce

On Thursday, July 17, the Annual Assembly of the Sunce Association was held. The Assembly was attended by 13 out of 20 active members and unanimously adopted the Work Report for 2013 and the Operational Plan for 2015.

2013 was celebrated by the 15th anniversary of the work of the Sunce Association and the first case of civil society in Croatia was successfully completed before the Arhus Convention. Also, the year was marked by a significant engagement in providing services that represented 40% of the total budget of the Association. It is important to point out how the implementation of services we are engaged in contributes to the strategic goals of the Association.

Further information on the work of the Association in 2013, projects and activities can be read in the Work Report for 2013. The Assembly concludes that 2013, despite the fact that it was a year without Institutional Support, was still successful and in such spirit the Association continues its work in, hopefully, even more successful 2014.