Achievements and challenges of a project that encourages sustainable student companies in Croatian high schools


As the project Sustainable Student Companies in Croatian High Schools – Green Enterprises Promote Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action Among Young People in Croatia and Green Student Enterprises – Sustainable Thinking and Action come closer to the end, so the time has come to jointly evaluate everything we have experienced.

As a part of the evaluation workshops of students from three high schools (Craft Technical School Split, School of Graphic Design and Sustainable Construction and Braća Radić Secondary School), they discussed the following issues with their teachers and educators from the Association Sunce:

• What did you learn from participating in the project?

• What new knowledge or skills have you acquired?

• What new knowledge and skills will be useful to you in the future (continuing your education / at work)?

• What was especially good during the project?

• What achievements would you like to highlight?

• What could have been different?

• What challenges have emerged?

• Where do we require help/support for the following period?

We have jointly determined what we are extremely pleased with:

• organizational leadership of the project by the Sunce’s Educators

• the content of the handbook and its possibility of concrete application in youth work

• project partners, their competencies and engagement in working with students and teachers and the motivation of those involved

• designed and manufactured product A ‘La Pašticada

• gained experience

• togetherness and socializing through the project and a pleasant working atmosphere

• establishment of the student cooperatives

• perseverance of students and teachers during the process.

Also, as in every project, we identified difficulties that arose:

• delay in the start of the Green Student Enterprise Project – Sustainable Thinking and Action from the planned September 2021 to November 2021

• the difference between German and Croatian school practice, terminology and legislation (cooperative and training company)

• organization of project activities during the coronavirus pandemic, harmonization of obligations of educators, mentors and three schools in different shifts and organization among students of three unique schools (harmonization of time schedule)

• work of teachers in free time

• harmonization of product placement according to the wishes, needs and possibilities of the three schools

• complex procedure of establishing a student cooperative.