Sunce at STEM workshops in chemistry, physics and biology


Strengthening the civil society organizations capacity to promote science, especially in the fields of physics, chemistry and environmental protection, is the goal of the “Rijeke znanja” project.

As part of the project, we went through two popularizer trainings and gained knowledge about communication, conflict resolution, postnatal development of the human brain and the possibilities of children and young people depending on growth, and learned about glass and micromethods in physics and chemistry.

The last weekend in January, in Duga resa, we applied the acquired knowledge and learned skills and presented our workshops in chemistry, physics and biology to the participants of the training.

Sunce employees presented the workshop “Assessment of the amount of microplastics on a sandy beach“, where we tried to present in the school classroom through an interactive experience how the examination of microplastics is carried out in the field.

The project continues, and what comes next are workshops for children and young people.