Students write about sustainable tourism for Dalmatia Green


In the Tourism and Hospitality School in Split, two training courses were held as part of the Career for Green and Sustainable Tourism project. The goal of the workshops is for students to contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism. Marketing experts from Promocija BB first taught the students about digital marketing and writing blogs for the Dalmatia Green site, assigned blog topics, and then analyzed the students’ blogs together.

How to write a blog on the topic of sustainable tourism?

At the first education, on January 27, 2023, Zrinka Bilokapić from Promocija BB introduced the students of the 4 c class of the Tourism and Hospitality School to digital marketing and trends. To help them write their blog on the topic of sustainable tourism on their own, she taught them the basics of SEO and gave guidelines for writing blogs for online platforms.

– In this way, students are actively involved in a project that promotes sustainable tourism. They also develop their writing and digital marketing skills. Also, the goal is to contribute to the promotion of the Dalmatia Green Certificate and sustainable tourism in Dalmatia with their writing – said Bilokapić.

What is the Dalmatia Green certificate?

As a reminder, Dalmatia Green is a certification system that promotes sustainable tourism in Dalmatia and beyond. The certificate is awarded to private tourist accommodation facilities that meet sustainability criteria in their operations. The certificate, like Sunce, advocates sustainable tourism and encourages tourist facilities to adopt sustainable practices in their business. Also, the Dalmatia Green website provides guests with information about sustainable tourist destinations and products.

– The Dalmatia Green certificate is designed to distinguish ecological accommodation facilities from the mass of classic rental houses. This certificate gives them credibility and recognition. It also helps them stand out in the sea of other accommodation facilities – emphasized Tihana Arapović, Manager of the Sunce’s project.

How did the students write a blog for Dalmatia Green?

At the first workshop, the students of the Tourism and Hospitality School were divided into groups that were given the task of writing a blog on two different topics. They wrote as many as four inspiring and informative blogs about sustainable tourism and bicycle paths in Split.

At the second workshop, held on February 10, they were presented with an analysis of their works.

– The praise and constructive criticism from Zrinka from Promocije BB was a great incentive for them to be even better at writing. At the end of the lecture, some students were inspired and ready to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills and improve their blogs according to Zrinka’s instructions. We will publish student blogs on Dalmatia Green’s website. The best ones will be published on Sunce’s page – said Arapović.

How will students educate the public about sustainable tourism?

At the end of the workshop, the students could choose several new topics to write about for the Dalmatia Green website. In this way, students will educate readers about the importance of sustainable tourism in Dalmatia, the Dalmatia Green Certificate, and environmentally friendly activities.

Also, the idea is for students to interview tourist facilities that have already received the Dalmatia Green certificate and investigate how they have implemented sustainable practices in their business. The first blogs will be published in March, so follow our website and social networks so you don’t miss a single one.

The Career for Green and Sustainable Tourism project provides students with the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary for a successful career in sustainable tourism. We hope that these young people will be an inspiration for all of us to promote sustainable tourism and the Dalmatia Green Certificate in Dalmatia and beyond.