World environment day

Today, the 5th of June is marked as the Day of Environmental Protection and Day of Associations’ Open Doors. On the occasion of the Open Door Day, the Sunce Association will have a booth on the Promenade in front of the entrance to the Association, Obala HNP 7/3 of 10-14 hrs. Educational information materials will be exhibited at the stand and citizens will be able to get acquainted with activities and projects in direct contact with volunteers and employees of the Association and receive answers to environmental issues that interest them. On the occasion of the Environmental Day, citizens are invited to visit the stand of the Association and are FREE to join the Sunce Association. More information on membership can be found at

Also, on the occasion of the Day of Environmental Protection, with the initiative of the Association Sunce and the City of Split, the Environmental Council of the City of Split is set up as part of the IPA Together for Nature and Environment project. The constitutive meeting will be held on June 5th from 10am to 1pm in the city district of Varoš. The meeting will be attended by all representatives, relevant institutions in the Split-Dalmatia County and the city of Split, the administrative departments of the City of Split, utility companies and citizens’ associations. The Advisory Council for the Environment will identify and work on the proposals for solutions to the priority environmental problems of the city in the following period.