Work Report 2017

On Monday, April 23, in the Sunce Association, the Assembly was held. The Assembly was attended by 16 active members out of a total of 29. The Assembly was opened by Sunce Director Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić Executive , who welcomed the gathering and presented the agenda:

  1. Compilation and adoption of the revised Financial Plan for 2018.
  2. Compilation and adoption of revised operational plans for 2018. (program and organizational, including communication)
  3. Coordinating and adopting a financial and narrative Work Report for 2017
  4. Others

The revised Financial Plan for 2018, the Revised Operating Plan (Program, Organizational, and Communication) has been presented. Also Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors Zrinka Jakl presented the Work Report for 2017. All the documents were unanimously adopted. The assembly discussed the current environmental problems in Dalmatia with an emphasis on waste management issues currently being burnt, present members have clarified the legal procedures launched by the Sun and the strategic goals they are pursuing.

The Work Report for 2017 is available at HERE (in Croatian only).