We are looking for a new team member

Invitation to participate in the Education Program for Assistant on Green Phone / Lawyer in the Sunce Association

The Sunce Association is looking for 2 volunteers who will undergo a training program for 150 hours to be an Assistant on the Green Phone which includes:

1. Participation in projects and activities with legal issues including:
– Getting to know the Green Phone Methodology and Practical Work on Green Phone
– Getting acquainted with the methodology of work on the Interactive Web Map Sinjaj.hr (www.sinjaj.hr) and practical work on the map
– Getting acquainted with environmental legislation and monitoring and revising it
– Participation in the implementation of particular project activities (eg organization of meetings, workshops)
– Participating in running a Green Phone database, analyzing and processing cases
– Legal research – investigation of facts, regulations and jurisprudence

2. Participation in lectures and activities related to environmental law, specific topics in environmental and nature protection and the development of civil society

3. Participation in education in national and international organizations with the possibility of participating in the mentioned

4. Other as needed

Interested volunteers who want to be included in the program should spend on average 3-4 hours per day between February 23, 2015, and May 15, 2015. The Sunce Association will cover the costs for the trips and organization of educations for the volunteers.
At the end of this program, people should be able to receive calls individually and handle less complex cases on Green Phone and the map sinjaj.hr, know the basics of environment and nature protection legislation, know the structure of competence for solving various environmental problems and the basics of administrative procedure.

For those who go through the program, further engagement and improvement on the basis of professional training without the employment relationship (as approved by the CES) is foreseen since June 2015.

Required conditions and qualifications for the application:
• the final semester of the Faculty of Law or a lawyer up to 30 years,
• motivation and interest in the issues of environment and nature protection, social engagement and work in the organization of civil society,
• good communication and presentation skills,
• good organizational skills, reliability, accuracy and systematicness and a tendency to teamwork
• excellent knowledge of computer work,
• knowledge of English,
• readiness to travel and further learning/improvement,
• respecting the principles of ecologically responsible behavior in everyday life.

• prior knowledge and experience regarding the topic of environment and nature protection, civil society,
• previous experience of volunteering in the organization of civil society,
• driving licence.

All interested candidates can send their resume and motivation letter exclusively to the e-mail address: [email protected] with a mark of an Application for Education Program for Assistant on Green Phone / Lawyer. Please send your submissions by 13 February 2015 (Friday). We will elect a shortlist by e-mail to invite you to a conversation between 16 and 20 February 2015.