Waste is still a priority environmental problem!

In 2016, a total of 2562 applications were received on the Green Phone Network of Croatia and as much as 36% within the category of waste.

In urban environments, the applications are mainly related to poor waste separation infrastructure (too few tanks, too small containers for separation and so on) and the possibility of active participation of citizens in the recycling process (inquiries about proper disposal of certain types of waste, inquiries related to recycling yard and similar). Activists of the Green Phone of Green Zone, which covers the City of Zagreb, consider that such systematic neglect of separation and recycling resulted in the disposal of more than 90% of municipal waste at Jakuševac.

At the edges of cities and in rural areas, applications relate to locations of illegal waste landfills.

072 123 456 is the number of Green Phone,

a service where citizens across Croatia can talk about various environmental issues and make suggestions and the attendants on the phone, activists from civil society organizations, pass information to competent institutions.

Within the category of greenery, 346 applications were received, which is 13.51% of the total number of applications. Citizens are disturbed by the non-transparent management of public green areas, the destruction of green areas and the ambrosia of private areas during the summer months.



2016 Broj po kategorijama


A lot of problems have also been reported within the water category, with 197 admissions, which is 7.69% versus the total number of entries. The public sewerage system for household wastewater in small settlements across Croatia does not exist. The problem arises when individuals improperly discharge wastewater and fecal water directly into the environment and cause various pollutants.

In several counties, Green Phone activists received reports on river interventions – construction of small hydropower plants, which did not respect regulations regulating the nature and environment protection.


Within the category of construction, we received 195 entries which is 7.61% versus the total number of entries. The largest number of entries in this category relates to illegal construction. It is a burning problem in “coastal areas” where unplanned sealing of the sea, sea-bedmaking, etc.


More than 60% of citizens’ applications have been successfully resolved.


In 2017, we aim to encourage citizens to address environmental issues further and to continue informing and encouraging citizens to report environmental problems and intensify cooperation with local government units and self-government.

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