Cleaning action “It’s not water, it’s more” removed 400 kilograms of marine litter from Pantan beach


United under the motto “It’s not water, it’s more (sea)” Sunce and Biotherm collected 400 kilograms of marine litter near Trogir.

On Pantan Beach near Trogir on October 19, 2023, more than 50 participants collected 400 kilograms of marine litter. Car tires, construction, and agricultural waste, footwear, various types of metal, glass, and even a sofa, and most different plastic items were removed as part of the “It’s not water, it’s more” cleaning action.

In addition to threatening the ecological balance, marine litter also has serious consequences for human health, the economy, and the sustainability of natural resources. The clean-up action aims to raise awareness of the numerous threats and negative impacts of pollution on marine ecosystems.

– Pantan Beach is a marshy habitat for many birds, so much plastic is a concern. Birds can become entangled in various types of plastic items such as plastic bags, wrappers, fishing nets, and other types of waste. Incidents like this often result in injuries to birds, including injuries to their wings, legs, or beaks, which can seriously affect their ability to survive in the wild. – said the organizer Tea Kuzmičić Rosandić, Sunce’s expert associate.

In recent decades, awareness of the importance of bird conservation around the world has been continuously growing as thousands of birds and their habitats are at risk. Since September 2018, the LIFE Artina project – “Seabird Conservation Network in the Adriatic” has been underway. The project has an ambitious purpose – to understand and assess the key negative impacts affecting seabird populations and intends to help declare new marine conservation areas significant to birds (Special Protection Area – SPA). 

– Our Adriatic birds – Yelkouan Shearwater, Audouin´s Gull, and Scopoli´s Shearwater – face numerous threats, including the presence of marine litter. However, we are pleased that we have released at least a small part of the protected area of nature from waste. – concluded Kuzmičić Rosandić.

– Waste pollution of all types of water is a global problem, so Biotherm needs to invest in such actions. As part of this joint mission Biotherm and Sunce in 2022, for the first time, acted to remove marine litter from beaches and sea, and in 2023, this joint mission continues. Locally, we want to contribute to a global goal because we believe that the beauty industry can, and should, have a positive impact on our seas. – said Enrica Dukić, Biotherm PR, Community and Digital Manager.

– As of this year, Biotherm has raised its bar of sustainability. Biotherm recycling units can be found in selected Müller locations in Split, Zagreb, Rijeka, and Zadar. Bring empty packaging of any brand or product and recycle it in the Biotherm recycling unit to take care of nature and the environment. In addition, each recycling is rewarded. Becoming Ocean Positive is not something that can happen overnight; we need to work to always be better compared to what we were yesterday. – said Ana Kovačić, Biotherm Product Manager.

Participants were educated about seabirds and marine conservation at Kozjak, near the Mountain Lodge Malačka, and at Pantan they learned how long certain objects take to decompose in nature.

Together, we are building a world where the sea and its protection remain our greatest ally and most prized gift. United in caring for Croatia’s marine habitats and the birds that inhabit them, we have the power to bring about positive change. Every action, no matter how small, has a major impact on the preservation of our environment.

“It’s not water, it’s “more” (sea) – this is our message and common goal for a better future for our planet.