Green Phone takes over the interactive web map work


We would like to inform you that the interactive online map Sinjaj has been shut down. This online map has been used by citizens since 2014 to, simply and completely anonymously, report environmental and communal problems in Split or to propose their solution. The interactive map Sinjaj was created as part of the Sunce Association project – “Together for the Nature and Environment” co-financed by the EU from European Social Fund and the Croatian Governmental Office for Cooperation with NGOs.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient funding for domain maintenance, the Sunce Association needed to shut down this online map. Nevertheless, citizens can still report environmental problems through the Green Phone – a free tool founded in 1992 to encourage citizens to actively participate in environmental protection in Croatia. The Sunce Association receives calls from the Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva counties.

By calling the Green Phone (072 123 456) or sending an e-mail to the lawyers of the Sunce Association ([email protected] and [email protected]) you can send an anonymous application or ask for advice related to any issue in terms of environmental and nature protection, and we will try to advise you, as soon as possible, or initiate administrative proceedings before the competent authorities.