The Sunce’s assembly was held


At the assembly of Sunce held on December 20, 2022 in the premises of Sunce and via the Zoom platform participated 19 active members.

After the Executive Director and Head of the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Program, Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić, greeted everyone present and determined the quorum, the Head of Finance, Samanta Šećer, presented the Financial Plan for 2023 (available in Croatian only).

Financial plan and Organizational operational plan for 2023

From the plan for 2023, it is evident that the situation is more challenging, because several multi-year projects of Sunce were completed in 2022 and will end in 2023.

Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić also presented the Organizational Operational Plan for 2023 (available in Croatian only). In addition to a significant engagement in fundraising, we also have a lot of ambitious but necessary communication activities that we agreed on in the Communication Strategy 2022-2026, and which were presented by the Head of communications and public relations, Maja Jurić.

In 2023, we plan to continue with further education and strengthening of employees. The restructuring of the Sunce awaits us, as well as further development of membership and volunteerism, especially locally.

Both documents were unanimously accepted.

Program Operational plan

President of the Management Board and Head of the Nature conservation Program, Zrinka Jakl, presented the Program Operational Plan in front of Nature Protection. The Nature Protection Program continues to work on management plans, monitoring posidonia and advocating its protection, mapping activities, as well as monitoring and participating in the process of declaring protected areas in the sea.

Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić emphasized that the Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Program continues to advocate the principles of sustainable waste management and especially the implementation of the priority of reducing waste generation. The activities of the program in 2023 are directed towards encouraging the development of sustainable tourism, the Dalmatia Green project, but also participation in the development of civil society.

In front of the Environmental Law Department, the head of the Department, Ivana Krstulović, announced that the work of the Department, in addition to the permanent and multi-year service for citizens, the Green Telephone, will have an emphasis on strategic litigation, for which they created the foundations in 2022 through the SEAS project.

Margita Radman, head of the Department of education and information, reported that several education services are planned for 2023, and Sunce will also start the certification process as an organization that conducts education as part of the SKOCKANO GOOD initiative certificate.

The program operational plan was unanimously accepted.

Membership in Sunce

Due to the transition to the euro, the membership fee for the period from 20.12.2022. – 31.12.2023. was discussed with the members. Namely, with the transition to EURO, the amount of the annual membership fee for employees will be €10, and for the unemployed, students and pensioners €5. Members who volunteer 10 hours or more are exempt from membership fees for the current year. Find out how to become a member -> HERE.