Sunce is developing communication strategies for Lastovo and Telascica nature parks

Within the framework of the SEA-Med Project Association Sunce is co-ordinatating and providing technical support for the development of first communication strategies to Lastovo Islands and Telascica nature parks.
The role of the communication strategy is to ensure that the vision, goals, activities and results of these protected areas are properly, continuously and consistently communicated to their users (local people, visitors, fishermen, …) and the interested public.
Development and implementation of communication strategies contribute to building a perception of these parks as areas of unique natural and cultural heritage, better communicate the role of public institutions in their primary task – the conservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage, encourage the involvement of local people in the park management, reduce the potential for conflict over the use of natural and spatia resources, and promote transparency of work of public institutions that manage parks.
Work on the strategies began with a three-day workshop (September 1th to 3rd) in Split. Workshop was attended by parks employees led by directors, conservation managers and ranger service managers, representatives of the State Institute for Nature Conservation and WWF Adria who are also project partners . Together with representatives of Sunce workshop was led by Mrs. Corinne Brunois, a consultant for communications with extensive experience in communications planning in the field of nature protection.
Strategies are to be finished by the end of this year with to more worshops to go. Implementation period is 2015. – 2020.