Sunce is a part of an EU Life project

We are extremely proud that in September this year started the five-year project “LIFE Artina – Bird Protection Network within the Adriatic”, and in the implementation of which the Sunce Association participates.

This is one of 40 projects approved at EU level from the LIFE sub-program “Nature and Biological Diversity”. Our pride is even greater due to the fact that this is the only project from this subprogram approved in 2017 for Croatia, which is the leading partner from Croatia and the first LIFE project to be led by the Croatian association.

The aim of the project is to identify marine areas in the southern part of the Adriatic, important for 3 species of seabirds (Mediterranean seagull, kaucalus and gregula), to assess the major threats affecting their populations and to define and implement activities that will alleviate them.

The project leader is Biom Association, and partners are the Sunce Association, the Public Institution Nature Park Nature Park and BirdLife Malta.

LIFE program is an instrument of the European Union to finance environmental and climate activities, and since its inception, back in 1992, it has funded more than 4,600 projects across Europe. The project was approved as part of an investment package totaling 243 million euros for LIFE projects for 2017, dealing with the nature, the environment and the quality of life at the crossroads of Europe towards a more sustainable and low carbon.