Students designed their own product – vegan pašticada!


The student entrepreneurial idea goes further!

Students of three partner high schools (Braće Radić High School, Gymnasium of Sustainable Development and Technical high school) designed their product – vegan pasticada À la Pašticada.

Pašticada is a traditional Croatian braised beef dish cooked in a fragrant sweet and sour sauce, usually served with gnocchi. It is a very popular meat meal in Croatia, which requires long and meticulous preparation and several hours of cooking. Our À la Pašticada is its vegan version.

À la Pašticad will be completely made by the students involved in the project, from the ingredients to the packaging design and promotional materials.

Citizens had the opportunity to try this student product at the Sunce association’s stand on Prokurative square, which was there as a part of  Lifelong Learning Week on 2nd of October. After tasting pasticada, citizens could give their feedback to students about this product which can later be useful for them to develop their idea in the future.

Two days later, for school program partners, the Sunce Association organized a workshop “Establishing sustainable student cooperatives and financing them”. The first lecturer, Blanka Horvat from the Croatian Association of Student Cooperatives, instructed two high schools on how to establish a cooperative and she presented them all the necessary paperwork.

Another lecturer, Helena Habdija from Impact HUB Zagreb, in the second part of the workshop provided students and teachers with expert guidance in designing a crowdfunding campaign for their business idea.

Both lecturers are already known to the participants from the study trip to Zagreb, about that trip you can read HERE.

The workshop is part of the project “Sustainable student companies in Croatian high schools – green companies promote sustainable entrepreneurial thinking and action of young people in Croatia” implemented by Sunce in cooperation with German partners Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelterziehung, funded by the German environmental foundation The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Environment.