Service Education of educators and children on the topic of ecological and sustainable development in order to improve services for children in early and preschool education for kindergarten Trogir


This Saturday, October 1, 2022, we met for the first time with 11 teachers from DV Trogir, out of a total of 10 meetings, or workshops. The workshops are part of the educational program Responsible waste generation and handling, which has a positive expert opinion from the Education Agency. We devoted the first workshop to meet the teachers, their work habits and wishes using a series of participatory activities. We focused special attention on the needs of their institutions in terms of environmental responsibility: DV Maslina, DV Vrabac, DV Ribola, DV Sunce, DV Sea and DV Maslačak. According to what was observed, the educational program will be further adapted so that in the end, positive changes can really be observed in the mentioned institutions.

In addition to workshops for preschool teachers, as part of the Sunce service, five workshops for children will be held on the topics of nature and environmental protection.