Presentation of educational activities – Department of Education and Information


Employees of the Association Sunce Department of Education and Information on Saturday, November 27th, 2021. participated in the Educational-Professional Conference “Nature Protection and Conservation and Application in Education and Schooling” organized by Natura Jadera – Public Institution for Management of Protected Areas in Zadar County.

The co-organizers of the conference were: Department of Teacher Education, University of Zadar and  Department of Teacher Education in Gospić, University of Zadar.

45 participants participated at the on-line lecture via Zoom, among whom were representatives of public institutions for the management of protected areas, representatives of educational institutions and representatives of the civil sector.

Association Sunce educators presented: The role of the civil sector in education on nature protection and conservation – educational activities of the Association Sunce and Examples of good practice of the Association Sunce – non-formal education for preschool and school-age on nature protection and conservation.

Through short lectures, educational activities such as educational programs for children, teachers and educators and educational activities for students were presented, with special emphasis on the implementation of Service-learning program.

Through the examples of good practice, the accent was placed on the presentation of the activities and results of projects:

LIFE Artina – “Seabird Conservation Network in the Adriatic”

VOLUNTEER FOR NATURE, VOLUNTEER FOR YOURSELF! – school volunteer programs in protected areas of nature “