Looking for a financial administrator


The Association Sunce is announcing a competition for receiving professional training without establishing working relations for the administrative/financial associate/trainee.

The selected person will receive one-year professional training starting on 18.11.2013, based on the support of the Croatian Employment Service. Those skilled in the field may apply for vocational training.

Required conditions and qualifications for the application:

– a minimum of high school economic orientation
– Excellent Computer Science (MS Office) and especially MS Excel
– Excellent written and oral knowledge of English
– driving license B category


– experience in the work of accounting and administrative affairs
– experience in the work of accounting and administrative affairs in the civil sector
– the experience of administering projects funded by the European Union
– knowledge of bookkeeping programs
– experience in work and/or volunteering in the civil sector

Applicants are asked for the ability of independent and teamwork, communication, responsibility, thoroughness and sensitivity to environmental and nature problems.

The professional training program is located at the following link:

An administrative/ financial associate/ trainee

Interested candidates should submit their applications by 08.11.2013, only to e-mail [email protected].
The application should include a resume and a letter of motivation. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All candidates will be informed of the results of the first round of the competition and the candidates selected for the second round will have an interview.