Let’s connect the city with the 11th Split biking tour


This year’s European Mobility Week, which is traditionally held from September 16 to 22, aims at ‘Better connections’, and it tries to connect every aspect of sustainable transport in the urban environment, which can connect people, places, logistical challenges and politics. So, let’s connect the city!

For the eleventh year in a row, during the European Mobility Week and on the occasion of celebrating the World Car Free Day, on September 24, 2022, at 16:00 o’clock the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development – “Sunce” is organizing the Splitbiking tour.

– We have designed the program of the Split biking tour in two parts. The first includes riding through the city streets from saint Frane church to Đardin, and in the second phase, an appropriate entertainment program in Đardin is planned, which would include a raffle, a bicycle alka and a musical program. We invite all interested citizens to join us on September 24 at 16:00 o’clock, as well as to follow our website and social networks in order to find out all the new details about the event – said Tihana Arapović, Sunce expert associate and organizer.

The main purpose of the Split biking tour

– In addition to the fun part, the bicycle event in Split is a perfect opportunity to review current challenges in traffic and create opportunities for progress towards more sustainable mobility. The main purpose of the Split biking tour is to draw the attention of citizens and responsible persons to the growing problem of congested roads, promote the use of alternative forms of transport and advocate for the improvement of cycling infrastructure in the city of Split, with the aim of contributing to the development of sustainable tourism in the city of Split – added Arapović.

Sunce will emphasize the purpose of sustainable transport

– The number of cyclists in the city of Split is growing every year, and this means of transport, along with the residents of our city, is increasingly being used by tourists – both local and foreign, especially since Split got bike rental stations, as well as new bike paths. In order to enable the most functional bicycle transport system possible, Sunce will emphasize the purpose of sustainable transport and thus tourism this year as well – emphasized Gabrijela Medunić-Orlić, executive director of Sunce.

European Mobility Week is a European Commission campaign that encourages small and large cities to introduce and promote sustainable means of transport. Complementary to this campaign, the primary goal of World Car Free Day is the promotion of sustainable forms of transportation. Car Free Day is celebrated throughout the European Union, where most cities close traffic to cars in central areas (Madrid, Zagreb,…) during this day.

– For the purpose of celebrating the Split biking tour, we will try to close the roads of Split in the same way, on that day. And we invite you to ride your bike to work, to your favorite cafe, to the beach or just for fun in the week of September 16 to 22, and come ready to participate in the Split bike fair on September 24 – concluded Medunić-Orlić.

Find out how it was at last year’s cycling event HERE.

Contact: Tihana Arapović, 095 809 8928