10th Split Biking Tour


The 10th Split Biking Tour was held during European Mobility Week, which traditionally takes place from the 16th to the 22nd of September. This year, we invited the citizens of Split to ride a bicycle all week. We invited them to use a bicycle to go to work, for coffee, or just for recreation and to send us their comments, suggestions, and criticism for improving the cycling infrastructure in Split.

All those who sent photos and/or comments with suggestions at the time of European Mobility Week were awarded over 20 different gifts from our sponsors and partners, and their suggestions and praise will be communicated to the working group “Split City Development Strategy until 2030“, of which we are a part.

Our professional associates Lina and Tihana, with the help of volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps, opened the European Mobility Week on September 16 by setting up the Sunce Association’s stand at Marjan’s door. On that day, students of the 3rd grade of the School of Natural Sciences in Split and their professors Matilda Jelaska and Andrijana Poljak distributed fruit to the cyclists and passers-by. At the same time, our ESC volunteers Sofija and Ivana prepared fruit remains for composting. This way, they educated all interested citizens about the topic of composting and handed out brochures about using compost (humus) and various ways of composting.

If you want to reduce the waste you produce, and utility costs and relieve the environment – we invite you to compost! You can find out how to compost in your apartment in the article “How to dispose of biowaste if you live in the apartment?  from our “Live Green” column.

Also, with just a few tips from the article “With Simple Recipes to Less Kitchen Waste” you can find ways to use food leftovers before you compost it and save money that way.

Police officers on bicycles, from the Split-Dalmatia Police Administration, joined the Sunce Association event and educated citizens about traffic safety. Also, the Permakultura Dalmacija Association organized free bicycle servicing with the help of the Split-Popka Bicycle Repair Shop.

Furthermore, all who are interested could sign a petition for free or lower ticket prices for the transport of bicycles on Jadrolinija ferry lines in Split-Dalmatia County, which you can still sign at the link: https://www.peticijeonline.com/signatures.

We ended this year’s Split Biking Tour on Car Free Day, September 22nd when all the participants were able to pick up their prizes at Sunce Association’s stand set up at Split Riva promenade.

As part of the campaign to improve the cycling infrastructure in Split, we received many suggestions and advice from our citizens, who once again showed us how popular cycling is in Split. Traffic jams, high driving costs, car maintenance, and stress are just some of the reasons why more and more people are cycling. Read all ways in which cycling has a positive effect on the quality of life in the article “Cycling improves the quality of life“.

Below you can find a list of all the winners of this year’s biking tour, as well as our sponsors, whom we thank, once again.

Manja Štambuk
Marin Bazina
Goran Miletić
Tea Dević
Jadranka Karaman
Ivana Bajto
Petra Skelin Giljanović
Joško Marušić
Vicenzo Mikulandra
Duje Karaman
Toni Rosandić
Darla Civitico
Duje Šošo
Ivana Panovska
Sofija Stojmenović
Marko Zorić

XXL Fitness centar Spaladium
Zipline Croatia
Kino Karaman
CitySpa Split
Iris Adventures Split
Fitness centar Joker
Upcafe wholefood
Red Adventures Croatia
Like Hair Design
Pizzeria Maslina
Visit Split

At both events, all interested citizens could get familiar with the work of the Sunce Association, join Sunce for free, or donate to support our work to protect the public’s right to a healthy environment, preserved nature, and rational use of natural resources.

You can pay the donation for the Sunce Association every day, and instructions can be found HERE.