Illegal waste removed from TTTS!


Industrial progress in the last few decades has led to an increase in the number of inhabitants and larger urbanization. With the increase in the number of inhabitants in cities, there has been an increase in the amount of produced waste, and illegal waste dumps are becoming a growing problem. Every year, Sunce receives the largest number of reports regarding illegal landfills on the Green Phone service.

The outer parts of the city and the industrial zone have become places where we encounter this problem more and more often, and you can easily come across illegal landfills by walking in nature or near agricultural areas. An improper waste disposal increases the risk of pollution and threatens the health of people and other living beings on the planet.

Sunce received complaints from citizens about the waste dump

This year, in July Sunce received complaints from citizens about the waste dump near the Trade Transport Terminal in Split (TTTS). The waste dump existed at the location for more than a year and turned into a dangerous source of pollution, odor and rats, and in the event of a fire, it became a potential threat to human life and property. Citizens tried for a year to solve the problem by reporting to the competent authorities, but without success, after which they decided to contact the Sunce through the Green Phone.

Sunce reacted promptly to the citizen’s report, and complaints were sent to the City of Split Administrative Department for Communal Affairs, Čistoća Split and the State Inspector’s Office.

After urging and sending inquiries the waste was successfully collected

After 3 months of urging and sending inquiries, we got good news! The citizens informed us that Čistoća had successfully collected all the waste from the location and that no dumping signs and video surveillance had been installed. And we hope that the location will remain clean and that there will be more positive stories like this in the future.

Every individual can influence that there are as few illegal landfills as possible. We can do a lot by our own example and proper waste management, because every illegal waste dump starts with one irresponsible and unscrupulous individual.

Have you noticed pollution in the environment, or do you have a question related to environmental protection, but you don’t know who to contact? Call the Green Phone – 072 123 456!

The Green Phone is a completely free tool for anyone who wants to report a problem in the environment. By the decision of the City of Split, the operation of the Green Telephone in 2022 will be co-financed in the amount of HRK 10,000.