How to donate or pay membership dues

Donation or membership fee to the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce can be paid by Internet banking or general payments by filling out the following information:


PayER: name of firm (name) and address:

Enter your first and last name or company name and address and city. Eg.

Jadran Planinović
Nature Protection 7
21000 Split

RECEIVER: Name of the firm (name) and Address:
Association Sunce, Coast HNP 7, 21000 Split
Receiver account number
HR81 2330 0031 1000 8640 0
Reference number
Description of payment
Donation for the Work of the Association Sunce (or Membership if it is the payment of the same)
Enter the amount of donation in kunas. Eg. = 10.00 or = 50.00 or = 100.00 or some other amount.
After your bank account payment, please send an e-mail with the following information at [email protected] to send you a confirmation of receipt of the donation and inform you about the work and activities of the Association Sunce.

Requested data:
name and surname
date of payment
the amount of the payment
e-mail address for contact
phone or cell phone (optional)

For help with the payment and other issues, you can contact Samanta Šećer at phone number: 021 360 779.