Get free gifts for the upcoming holidays at the Swap fair in Dubrovnik


“Bring items that you no longer need, exchange them and find a gift for the upcoming holidays completely free of charge” – says the organizer of the Fair, Lina Vuletić.

On Friday, December 2, from 14:00 to 19:00, the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce is organizing a used items Swap Fair in Lazareti (plateau, Frana Supila 8, Dubrovnik) for all interested citizens of the city of Dubrovnik. The key goal of the Swap Fair is to arise citizens’ awareness of the importance of circulating objects, rather than their unnecessary accumulation. That’s why we ask citizens to bring up to 3 preserved used items like clothes, toys, books, shoes, jewelry and decorations to the Fair, which they intend to exchange for free.

Swap fairs or Exchange fairs are very popular in Europe, and they only recently became well recieved in Croatia. Sunce organized a Christmas swap fair in Trogir last year, which gained a very good feedback among the people of Trogir, so we decided to organize it this year in Dubrovnik, the first Plastic Smart Cities city in Croatia – added Andrea Tvrdić, Sunce’s project manager.

The fair is held as part of the Plastic Smart City Dubrovnik project. The project was approved and co-financed as part of the Public Call for co-financing projects of associations in the field of environmental and nature protection of interest to the City of Dubrovnik for 2022.

The company Dubrovačka baština d.o.o. ceded its space and thus contributed to the maintenance of the Fair.

How the Swap Fair works:

  • at the entrance to the Lazarete, hand in the items you brought (maximum 3 items) and which you desire to exchange with others,
  • for the items you bring you will receive vouchers for exchange – how many things you bring the same number of coupons you get,
  • at the fair, in addition to your objects, the objects of all other participants will be exhibited which you can exchange for your vouchers!

According to present data, an average of 454 kg of waste is produced per resident per year in the Republic of Croatia. In EU that number is over than 500 kg of waste. Repurposing and reusing old items are necessary if we want to reduce the amount of waste we create every day.

In addition, to contribute to reducing the generation of waste and the use of disposable items, plastic bags will be unavailable at the Fair. We encourage citizens to bring their own bags or reusable cloth bags in which to store items from the exchange.

Do you have that one drawer in your home full of various things that are unnecessarily occupying space, waiting for better times, but subconsciously you know you will never use them? Put them in reusable bags that you will take to the Swap Fair in Lazareti on Friday.