Fun and education in Skalice Elementary School Botanical Garden: Playing to protect the sea

Students of the Split School of Economics and Management, along with students from Marco Polo Art High School in Venice, organized a children’s party on Friday, May 24 at 9 AM in the botanical garden of Elementary School Skalice. The aim of this event was to raise awareness among young people about sea pollution, which is achieved through an interactive game with flashcards called “I Play to Potect the Sea”.

– Through games and socializing, children will gain important knowledge about preserving the Adriatic Sea and protecting the environment. We hope they will pass this knowledge on to their parents, – said Ana Vuković, a student of the Split School of economics and management (SSEM).

I Play to Protect the Sea

The game “I Play to Protect the Sea” consists of cards with pictures of endangered marine animals and marine litter on one side, and the names of these items on the other side. The goal of the game is to match the pictures and names as quickly as possible, educating participants about Adriatic Sea pollution.

– We wanted to somehow impart knowledge about the preservation of the Adriatic Sea and environmental protection to children through fun and socializing. Each card, each matched picture and name, tells a story about our responsibility towards the sea that connects us all, – added Ivan Bašić, a student of SSEM.


This interactive game is the idea and pilot project of the students of the Split School of Economics and Management, developed as part of the ML-FREE project workshops. Among other goals, the project aims to increase the knowledge, skills, and active participation of young people from two cross-border high schools in combating marine litter pollution. Italian students also designed their pilot project during the workshops, which they will implement in Venice in September.

Education for active youth participation: ML-FREE

The ML-FREE project, co-financed by the European Union, is focused on addressing marine litter problems through the education and active participation of young people. The goal is to create a society that actively works to preserve the marine ecosystem.

– This event represents an opportunity for young people to educate themselves, connect with nature, and take an active role in environmental conservation. We invite all parents, teachers, and interested citizens to support this event and join the educational fun in the botanical garden of Elementary School Skalice on May 24. Together, we can create a sustainable society that will protect our Adriatic Sea for future generations, – concluded Marin Pleština, a student of SSEM.