FB voting poll for elementary school art competition about present and future of fisheries in Komiža

Within the second ConFish project workshop being held in Komiza, we invited our younger forces to join and give us a look at Komiza Fisheries, how they see it now and in the future. The main objective of this project is to create a framework for promoting knowledge among fishermen and scientists involved in exploitation, management and conservation of Mediterranean fisheries, and this elementary school activity with students certainly speaks of the readiness of the local community to engage in active civic engagement.

Through 2 works outlined in the pictures below (present – left and future – right) pupils of the Komiža Elementary School presented us with their vision of fisheries. We invite you to join the best class ballot through our FB profile. All the classes of the school are included in the competition and their work can be seen in the Ivan Vitić Cultural Center in Komiža live on 10.4. 2018 at 16 h. The winning class will win a prize!

Everyone interested in this public event is invited. In addition to presenting the works of our students, we will present the results of the first ConFish project as well as work on the future of fishing in our fishing locations. Not less interesting there is food catering involved for all workshop participants as well as the opportunity to contribute with ideas and learn something new!

Participate, join, give your voice!